Shoppingtherapy is a Swiss brand of sun-kissed natural leather sandals created in 2015 by designer Paula Kapellos. It was during her many trips to Greece that the designer, a shoe addict, developed a passion for local craftsmanship. The creations enchanted those around her, and their popularity led her to launch her own brand a few years later.

Shoppingtherapy creates fresh, minimalist designs for women, men and children, inspired by Greek islands and mythical places.

Far from mass production, all the sandals are made to measure and handcrafted by a family of Greek artisans who have been perpetuating the leather tradition since 1947. With meticulous finishing and quality materials, each piece is both innovative and classic, with a focus on comfort.

The Shoppingtherapy collections transcend short-term trends, offering timeless yet resolutely contemporary creations. The sandals are both summery and urban, embodying casual elegance for every occasion.